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Truth about Rape re-launch

Posted by charliegrrl on March 21, 2008

April 19th in Leeds, Truth about Rape, an anti-rape campaign group will be holding a re-launch conference. Come along!

This week started with the depressing news that about three Rape Crisis Centres are closing every year, and ended in the ace news that Harriet Harman, Minister for Women, has pledged £1 million to help keep Rape Crisis Centres open.

It’s so important for us to support our local Rape Crisis Centres. Debs is doing a sponsored run March 30th in support of Rape Crisis England and Wales. Go and sponsor her! Or alternatively, donate money to Rape Crisis via Paypal. Ah go on- every little helps.

6 Responses to “Truth about Rape re-launch”

  1. Debs said

    Thanks Charlie! I might see if I can make it to that conference. xx

  2. jenny said

    It’s insane that they’re closing down rape centers. Proper treatment is crucial for the healing process for this trauma. These people(I say people cause men get raped too) need to know that they are not alone in this. What’s great is that there’s a new documentary series on the Biography channel called “I Survived” which features people that have lived through seriously traumatic events. And each episode contains at least one rape story. I think a lot of victims will find it highly cathartic and inspiring to hear about people going through this hell and triumphing in the end. It premieres on March 24 @ 9pm ET. If you want to see more about the show you can at . Does that sound like something you would watch?

  3. Polly Styrene said

    Well that sounds nice Jenny, and of course it’s a plug for the biography channel (do you work for them by any chance at all?). No it doesn’t sound like something I would watch. Apart from anything else I don’t have a TV.

    The problem with the ‘survivor’ thing is this. And I really, really wish I could reproduce here the brilliant poem I heard on this subject, written by a woman ‘survivor’. Basically the poem said – yes everybody wants you to a brave survivor who triumphs over the odds. Because that’s what they want to here, the alternative is depressing to think about for the listener. But for a great many women who’ve been raped/abused it’s just not true. The damage is permanent.

    And perpetuating the myth of the ‘survivor’ who brushes off rape, minimises the effects of rape. Which for a great many women is post traumatic stress which will affect them for ever.

    If anybody wants to read about a real experience of rape I’d recommend Alice Sebold’s Lucky, which has to be one of the most bullshit free books I’ve ever read. She lays it on the line about the real experience and other people’s reactions and it’s very uncomfortable, but it is also truthful.

    As she said ‘You save yourself, or you’re not saved’.

  4. evisiblewoman said

    Hi CharlieGrrl. Love your blog, and I have linked to you on my own, if that’s ok!

  5. evisiblewoman said

    Sorry – my blog is at if you want to check it out.

  6. Thanks for letting us know of your blog x

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